A day before the World Cup draws to a close the CEO of the Russia 2018 Organising Committee, Alexey Sorokin revealed some impressive facts and figures about the month-long tournament.

The ‘Fan ID’ system, tested at the Confederations Cup and fully implemented at the World Cup, has helped ensure a peaceful tournament, which in turn has encouraged fans to make the trip to Russia later in the event.

“For example in England we initially had 18,000 registered for Fan ID. Along the way, there was 12,000 more – that means people really escaped these prejudices that they might have had and really decided to come to support their teams.”

Sorokin also confirmed that 2,000 doping tests were carried out in the months leading up to the World Cup and “none of them were positive.”

The distances covered by the players travelling from match to match were the biggest in World Cup history.

“In terms of total distances, you can say that footballers have travelled more than six times around the earth.”

Sorokin also claimed that stadiums had reached 98 per cent of full capacity throughout the tournament.

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